"Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house." --Fran Lebowitz
"Willful ignorance comes at a price." --A. Tecacca

28 June 2018

27 June 2018

Los Angles Times: The Supreme Court's travel ban decision wasn't just misguided, it was hypocritical.

There once was a self-serving pol named Mitch.
An opportunistic son of a bitch.
A partisan feat—
A stolen court seat.
He deserves covering with feathers and pitch.

26 June 2018

99 and 44/100 %

Crash Dummy

He's so careless with the message he sends.
Does he realize what his tariff portends?
So what if there is a trade war;
Against Merkel he wants to score. 
In others words: Screw you, Mercedes Benz!

23 June 2018

Trump Couture

He chose for Melania a coat
Upon which, was a banal quote.
Because it caused dissension
And refocused attention.
He said; "Now, you get to be the goat!"

A museum exhibit from the future.

18 June 2018

"I taut I taw collusion, I did, I did!"

A judge has put Paul Manafort back in jail
For suborning witnesses while out on bail.
What will he reveal
When he starts to squeal?
The Donald, beneath his orange pancake turns pale.

ICE, ICE, [please don't take my] BABY

Here come the storm troopers of ICE.
Do not expect them to be nice.
But no need to cower,
It's only a shower
To insure that we're you're free of lice.

17 June 2018

Fake News, The Feedback Loop

Gee Dad, thanks!

It started as help for one of the kids
Dictating a memo chock full of fibs.
But then it went haywire.
(Typical with this sire).
Resulting in greasing the legal skids.

15 June 2018

From the DPRK


If I were clever, I'd thought of John Dean sooner—
As in: "On the Presidency is a tumor".
There is no mystery
With this family's history.
Since the name of the malignancy is 'Junior'!

Hard Times

Our standards and rules, he thought he could flout.
However when Daddy flees in a rout,
This progeny clown
Is sure to go down:
His prison "Dad" will make use of that pout.

12 June 2018

Has someone been weighed in the balance and found wanting?

"Waddaya think boys-  stroke, heart attack, 
aneurysm, conniption fit, or exploding diarrhea?"


DIY Limerick Celebrating The Summit

Suggested rhymes for lines A, B, and E:
Korea, Crimea, Logorrhea, Gonorrhea 

Suggested rhymes for lines C and D:
Traitor, Abdicator, Capitulator, Agitator 

Alternate Suggestions for lines C and D:
Pout, Flout, Sell-out

Sweet Deal

When the 'Little Rocket Man' meets with Trump
Will he receive, or will he give a thump?
Since Donald is naïve
It's not hard to conceive
Of Trump shouting "how high", when told to jump.

Looks like they may be able to exchange makeup tips too.