"Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house." --Fran Lebowitz
"Willful ignorance comes at a price." --A. Tecacca

30 October 2021

Billy Graham has message for son.

[Billy] Graham [Lite™] Offers Job To Fired Anti-Mask MN Doctor

[Billy] Graham [Lite™] Calls On Countries To Turn Away Americans With “X” Gender Marker Passport For “Flaunting God”

[Billy] Graham [Lite™] Hails GOP Gov For Offer To Hire Anti-Vax Cops

25 October 2021

Could someone hand me that blade sharpener?


Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the top House Republican, recently took to social media to warn that Democrats have hatched a dastardly plot. “Democrats,” he said, “want to track every penny you earn so they can then tax you and your family at the maximum possible amount.”

Well, yes. Democrats want Americans to pay the full amount they owe in taxes.

What doesn’t get enough attention is that many Republicans seem not to agree.

Resistance to taxation is the rotten core of the modern Republican Party. Republicans in recent decades have sharply reduced the federal income tax rates imposed on wealthy people and big companies, but their opposition to taxation goes beyond that. They are aiding and abetting tax evasion.

24 October 2021

Bannon, the loose cannon who knows too much.

His behaivour goes beyond the pale.
And he thought himself too big to fail.
He thought he was exempt,
Now he is in contempt.
Question: will he get ‘Epsteined’ in jail?

16 October 2021

and soon (but not soon enough) there will be none

To all you who still think Covid’s a hoax:
Anti-maskers who refuse vaccine pokes.
The rest of us give thanks
That you’re thinning your ranks.
Go Covid! Killing all the right folks!

11 October 2021

Dateline March 12, 2026

  • CDC says the Covid-19 wave 37 driven by variant omicron-pi
  • SCOTUS upholds Arkansas birth control ban in 6 to 3 decision
  • Vice President Madison Cawthorn dedicates California Noah’s Ark Museum
  • Yesterday’s Mass Shootings: see appendices f through j
  • CDC warns against using mothball suppositories to prevent Covid-19 infection
  • Chicago’s first heat wave of 2026 end after three days of triple digits
  • Two more states to allow backyard cremations
  • Florida population drops below 19M: lowest since 2010
  • CDC warns against putting menthol cigarette filters in your nostrils
  • Scientists predict wild fire season and hurricane season will completely overlap by 2028

09 October 2021

Today's Rhetorical Question

How does a society that demands instant gratification deal with something that requires long term discipline?

08 October 2021

A DIY limerick for the former First Daughter

Suggestions for lines A, B, and E rhymes:

tradition, sedition, perdition, extradition, condition, rendition, submission

Suggestions for lines C and D rhymes:

daughter, slaughter
incest, request, inquest, confessed, blood test
grift, shift, thrift, miffed, rift

05 October 2021

Texas announces new policies on immigration and voting.

 If you’re Black— Go Back!
If you’re Brown— Turn Around!
If you’re Yellow— Goodbye Fellow!
If you’re Red— Enough Said!
If you’re White— So Right!

03 October 2021