"Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house." --Fran Lebowitz
"Willful ignorance comes at a price." --A. Tecacca

29 April 2022

The Germans have a word for it:

Backpfeifengesicht, roughly meaning 'a face just asking to be slapped'.

I wonder if they have a word for 'a mouth just asking for a ball-peen hammer'?

Would that be the Penny Marshall Law

"This his [sic] one you go to the mattresses on. They will try to fuck his entire legacy on this if it gets worse," Trump Jr., President Donald Trump's eldest son, texted Meadows, according to CNN  Does he mean "go to the mat"?

Who put the 'florid' in Florida?


22 April 2022

Judge Kathryn Mizelle

found unqualified by the ABA (American Bar Association)
found unqualified by the AMA (American Medical Association)
found unqualified by the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English)
found unqualified by the IGS (Institute of General Semantics)

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