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28 February 2018


Officials from four countries discussed exploiting Jared Kushner

Updated 8:54 PM ET, Tue February 27, 2018
Washington (CNN) - Officials from at least four countries have discussed ways they could use Jared Kushner's intricate business arrangements, lack of experience and financial woes to manipulate President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior White House adviser, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.
The paper reported that it is unclear, based on current and former US officials familiar with intelligence reports on the matter, that the countries -- - Mexico, Israel, China and the United Arab Emirates -- acted on the conversations.         link

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14 February 2018


Wayne LaPierre, Paul Ryan (and others) admitted to hospital with erections lasting more than 4 hours.

Breakthrough in Gene Mapping

New evidence emerges linking genes responsible for impulse control and rational thought dysregulation to Y chromosome.