"Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house." --Fran Lebowitz
"Willful ignorance comes at a price." --A. Tecacca

27 November 2018

Climate Change

The government has issued a report.
“So what” was the G.O.P.’s quick retort.
And showing no sorrow
For folks of tomorrow,
They screw the future as if it were sport.

And The Biggest Takeaway?


23 November 2018

More Doggerel

This cautionary tale: where to begin?
It's about a man, avarice, and sin.
Oops, I'm sorry to offend;
But we must to skip to the end
'Cause the walls (and Mueller) are closing in!

Most of what's wrong with the country captured in one picture.

21 November 2018

How is it that the doorman has this authority?

Give her enough rope and maybe she'll...


Galatians 6:7-9: ... for whatsoever ye soweth, that shall ye also reap.

[The Ballad of a Preacher's Daughter]

Soon justice will come to all of Trump’s whores
‘Specially one who channeled Infowars.
She shuns the First Amendment
And breaks the Ninth Commandment.
Thus something Biblical: Boils and Sores!

Every day for Trump, his minion toils
Her reputation, she further soils.
For every word from her mouth
Is a lie tinged by the South.
Her punishment will be Sores and Boils!

20 November 2018

Business As Ususal

Falling for GOP propaganda, House Dems scramble to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


All Together Now!

Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up...


Sooner rather than later?

The nation has grown so terribly tense.
How much longer will we be in suspense?
When Trump blows a gasket,
Or leaves in a casket—
Praise Jesus! We've now got President Pence!

16 November 2018


Your ignoring of the Vets was the pits. 
And the public’s ire gave you the shits.
So you had your trolls
Go check all the polls.
Now there’s an obvious P.R. blitz !

And we all know what will happen when push comes to shove.


15 November 2018

Ode to the Odious

So now the Secret Service you’re blaming
And Macron, your French host you are shaming.
Shut up you fat prick
We’re sick of your shtick;
You’re no more than an asshole that’s flaming!

Latter Day Nero Tweets While California Burns

13 November 2018

"Papa, aspetta, abbiamo bisogno di più tempo per nascondere gli ermellini, gli smeraldi e l'oro da procedimenti legali."*


*Father, hold up, we need more time to hide the ermines, emeralds, and gold from legal proceedings.


Join Sen. Graham tomorrow on Fox and Friends 
when sings some of his favorite show tunes including 
Maybe This Time from Cabaret, My Shot from Hamilton
and I'm Past My Prime from Li’l Abner.