"Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house." --Fran Lebowitz
"Willful ignorance comes at a price." --A. Tecacca

31 October 2018

29 October 2018

"I'm your number one fan."

So, Trump’s ultimate fan has come along.
And does he believe what he did was wrong?
For there among the rabble,
He deciphered Trump’s babble
And understood which enemies to bomb.


Last minute Halloween costume idea 
made from things you already have.
Without Brillo Pads, a nutritious  Halloween treat for the kids!

28 October 2018

As they say: "The fish rots from the head".

I fear it's time to trot out 'thoughts and prayers' guys (and NRA apologists) again.

Please note that I have chosen not to depict Wayne LaPierre 
having his usual post-mass-shooting celebratory wank.

So I guess it's 'all about me'.

Would it be out of place to call Jenner a thoughtless selfish cunt?

Liberté, Egalité, Emérgy

His administration is a flop.
And the time has come for it to stop,
Can the ‘leadership’, him sway
To go quietly away,
Or will the ‘mob’ resort to the ‘chop’?

27 October 2018

Trees, Apples, Gravity

Haeckel has once said that "ontogeny,
Recapitulates all phylogeny".
So I will write screed
About Satan's Seed.
How else would you describe his progeny?

22 October 2018

My Duty


Many look to this mid-term election
To bring about a mid-course correction.
But I fear it's too late
We have sealed our own fate.
'Trumpism' is a fatal infection.

18 October 2018

Ebony, Ivory, and Irony


Bitch Jr. Part 3

Don Trump Junior: a supercilious lout,
When not sneering, displays an entitled pout.
It'll be hard being a man
Once he's been sent to the can.
Can't wait to see his new look once he's 'turned out'!

17 October 2018

Ted Cruz loves White Castle

During his marathon speech, which ended Wednesday [September 2013] in the Senate, Cruz sang praises of White Castle hamburgers, quoted TV’s “Duck Dynasty” and referenced the World Wrestling Federation.

Now this makes much more sense.

The President Reflects Upon Journalist Jamal Khashoggi's Fate.

And I mustn't forget Maggie Haberman.

15 October 2018

13 October 2018